Boom crash gone with a splash

I feel my head’s not screwed on and has adopted an empty mindset

All the people around me move on with their lives

And yet I feel so distant with mine

My grip on the battle of life to keep going is slowly slipping

What’s there to do?

There’s everything and more we can do

We live our lives not knowing of any certainty

Look ahead of what’s to come.. who knows what that may be

Here we make our stand doing things we know not

Typing away there’s no end goal or coherence in what I am saying

To who’s job is it for any one person to succeed in life?

We know the answer

What works for one person may not work for another

So what absolutes are actually true?

I continue to sit here

My head phones plugged in

No music playing

Facts to remember

What an ugly word “thing”is

How people meet and do

We group together all existing

Help me

Help me

Help me

The aid that we seek is one where it enables us to do

Not where we rely

How kind is it to say that one has potential

Everyone shares this

A common trait show me an instance where this is not so

Be kind to one another

How is this?



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