Free style rant commence.

Holy shit balls I’m annoyed at all the know-it-all students in my lab at uni. To me I find that they really don’t need to be there because they’ve obviously learnt all the material before hand to a tee. I really like to figure the facts out with people who aren’t at a higher level. A little “we’re all in this together” kinda thing. There’s just a certain way they go about things in which makes learning about the context craptastic. I guess part of this annoyance goes to their knowledge about it all highlights what I don’t know.. so then I guess that’ll benefit me in the end. Arrrgh. I reckon I just need to stop comparing myself to these people who are ahead in their education journey and don’t be afraid to be wrong. With that said most people just look at you like: “oi looks at this guy.. derp derp derp”.. but why should I care? I shouldn’t but I do. Build a bridge, get over it? Accept yourself for your weaknesses and realize that you have your own strengths? Ask questions for the sake of yourself? Lol I always feel bad after a rant because I always trace the cause of the problem back to myself.


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