Six hours ago all I had in my possession was a wet phone, wet socks, wet shoes.. and if it wasn’t obvious already; a wet bed sheet. I was sitting on a gutter outside maccas rolling a durrie and at the point of absolute surrender. My mate wasn’t vibing the night so he went home. I ask going to ask him if I could crash at his and banked on it but the night was fucking fantastic. The foam party at acads was what you expect if you give it some thought. Cannons of soapy death shooting into the unsuspecting party goers eyes burning them dry, people yelling out in excitement only to come to a halt as foam fills them up and when people have had enough; of course we turn to outside as our solace. Betrayed, we realised it’s fucking cold. How fantastic but what a night, above all this it was absolutely a night to be remembered as legendary.

The toga party I found: went. off. Mind you it was a role of the dice because everything that was pre-planned went straight out the window. The two mates that I planned to go with I didn’t see them until I was about to leave for the city. As soon as the bouncers let me in I lost them. #classic . Non the less I jumped from group to group also meeting randoms. Top two spots to meet people:

  • smokers area
  • the line for the shitter

Smokers area I didn’t know anyone but sat myself in the circle and lit up a dart. Spotted this chick with siick shades and told her. We did the good ol formalities and she introduced me to some of her friends. A common goal of needing to pee really unified everyone in queue. It was a team effort to make sure whoever in the shitter didn’t take longer than 30 seconds. It was quite strange how open the group of girls were about their bladder hahahaha. What a time to be alive.

My night ended at 5am at a uni lodge which only through some luck, good karma or whatever fell into my lap. Whilst I was sitting on that gutter I just paused as I thought about my options:

  • Wait until the first bus
  • Walk home (20kms)
  • Call a taxi and tell them I found pay when I’m home
  • Ask a stranger to use their phone to log into Facebook
  • Find an ally to sleep in and freeze to death

But it didn’t matter as I took a few drags my friend had spotted me from behind and sat down next to me. I was cheerin. With everything considered; I’d do it again.


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