Rapped to the beat of “Rap Game 2011 – Swit Beats” on Spotify

the word on the street (A)

is project beats (A)

settin’ up shop (B) – the new studio that is being built

ready to pop (B) – ready to dance in the style of popping


we be spinin’ (C) – djing

graffin’ (C) – graffiti art

breakin’ (C) – bboying/bgirling

and jammin’ (C) – cyphers/ “dance circles


so hip hop hooray (A) a song by Naughty By Nature

come to open day (A) – the event at the studio

1-6-9 city walk (B) – the location

4-1-1 let’s talk (B) 411 is slang for info

like a clock (A)

i’m ready to lock (A) – locking as a dance style

cause we be takin’ the town (B) – #projectbeatsrising

pb gunna throwin’ down (B)


pre midday is the way (A) – event starts at 11am

my crew gunna slay (A)

we party til four (B) – event finishes at 4pm

keep track of the score (B)


don’t miss the heat (A)

let’s scream and shout (B)

at project beats (A)

peace out (B)



what’s 9 plus 10

21… – the date of the event is 21st of January


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