I’ve never seen my Dad happier, going out on mission and helping a village in the Philippines. To see masses of people surrounding my Dad and seeing the biggest smile on his face, it makes me happy. Packing a ute with 5 balikbayan, him and my brother set off to help those who truly need it and appreciate it.

My father, humble cleaner with a big heart. The sacrifices that he has made for the people around him is extraordinary for someone who makes a living running a business as a cleaner. Don’t get me wrong, he is a degree holder and all but that’s a different story. I’ve seen so many others with much more higher paying jobs, and for what?

To be honest his generosity may seem like a tad too much at times, but, as long as it goes to the right people, why does it matter? My dad really loves his home country, after all he has still lived most of his life there, he wants it to some day become great again. He talks so highly of the people of the Philippines and they definitely have a fantastic culture, values hardened through time and great food/beer 😛

With his mission from two years ago done and dusted, he seeks to go again in the couple of coming years. I wish to go with him and would like to in 2018. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend CFC YFC’s OCGAT 2018 and after a “father-son tag team duo” will go out to another village to complete an additional mission. Anyone with a heart is welcome to come along. I will continue my father’s legacy. I will #continuethemission ✌

p.s. there is an accompanying video to this on my Facebook. It contains, give or take, about 100 people around my Dad.


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