Geez how to start this post.. where to begin. I kinda feel like if I just start typing whatever I’m thinking it’ll get the ball rolling. Uh I guess is this where I start 😛

Trying to live by the policy of truth is pretty hard when the people around you may not follow the same. It’s so hard to say that because I can’t be so sure at this point. Basing things off assumptions, I find, tend to lead me down a path and then realize it was the wrong one. But anyway, I shouldn’t side track.

Through my experiences with the people around me, I find there’s a lot of missing connections, people not being straight with one another. In my eyes I feel it creates something toxic and that’s not an environment for young people to flourish.

I just stumbled upon this good ol Ted Talk and it presented the following points in regards to “How to speak so that people want to listen”:

  • Honesty – be clear and straight
  • Authenticity – be yourself
  • Integrity – be your word
  • Love wish – them well

Now these four things I find hard to do, I won’t pretend to be an expert on these points but with these, I see the value in them. If I was straight up honest with certain people around me I would have a lot less situations looming over my head. They may have been fixed the moment they were spawned. I’d have so much more peace in my life and less to think about before going to sleep. It may be possible I wouldn’t be up at 5am writing a blog post too. Be clear and straight.

Be yourself. So much more easier said. I’d like to think I project a bit of myself when I talk to others. In this sense you’re building yourself up, well, with yourself. Not just some words you wanted to piece together because you think I’d make you appear cool. Just as the Ted Talk speaker, Julian Treasure, said:

“Standing in your own truth”

By doing so I feel I’d be harder for someone to tear you down since you’ve constructed something, that’s of you, so you can back it up the same that it is made.

Integrity is a hard one. All you’d have to do is be your word once and you’d have it solid. With the same logic going against your word once you’ve already devalued it but with it in a good state, people will believe in you. You won’t just be some kid who dreams to be everything in the world.

It’s pretty important that love is tired into these four points. The speaker even states how brutal honesty can be unneeded. What can be great is honesty mixed with love.

Well shit, I pretty much summed up a fraction of the video, which wasn’t my initial intention. Let’s get back to what I wanted. As a friend once put it: dumping my random thoughts”. I like that one.


I feel that the environment I’m in is so full of negativity that it has created this self doubt that has affected all areas of my life. It doesn’t even have to be people not being honest with me, when I see people not being honest with others I allow it to affect me. More so allow it to cause tremendous emotion of sadness within me. And for what? I’ve identified who are my friend and their opinions matter to me. So why should I let other peoples opinion about me affect how I feel about myself.What kind of trade off is it if I lose a bit of myself in personalizing a problem that doesn’t directly correlate with me. In even hearing about peoples’ beef with others I begin to distance myself with one of the parties which i reckon is the “bad” side. And they haven’t even done anything to me. All in all, I know what I should be doing, the right thing to do.

Get mad, make sure it doesn’t happen again, learn, move on and love freely. ✌


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