Fitness and break dancing, I believe, are what my calling is in life. I see this as a platform to inspire people to feel, to express. I reckon today that’s what people lack. A true self expression of what they think.

How does fitness even tie into all that?
I believe what fitness provides is a clear state of mind to think. People need some sort of fitness/physical activity in their life. To playing rugby union to larp battles. There are so many ways to get physical yet, it is so untouched to most people. What we achieve with an active style is improvements in all areas of our life. We feel better, think quicker, remember better. Even if those are general, can you really say it won’t help you out in your own daily life? Further more it’s a great release. Once you find the right activity for you where you don’t need to think, you can allow yourself to have a break from life. I found that through college and high school that students lacked that. Some day I’d like to really cause an affect on kids to help improve their quality of life.

Break Dance – One of the greatest forms of self expression
The intensity of this dance style can be taken to an elite athletic level. The way people train, they train like big sporting stars. It takes so much energy from you to perform such great feats and even for just a short period. Bboying to me is a pathway for me to let everything out. What ever I’m feeling that day I can let it all out and I love how cool you can look doing it. Haha. It’s something so different and unique, something wack that most people won’t even try. The moves that people do are a showcase of all hours of training and hard work they’ve put in. It shows people what you can do one you put your mind to something and do it. You feel a sense of achievement in yourself and it’s not just in this but in all things.

Now I just wanna make this clear, as of this moment, I’m only an aspiring bboy. I’m not as good as I should be to hold that title. I have such a long way to go before I can truly feel and groove to the music, execute some real awesome moves.


I’ve got a long way to go but I need to make a real start in doing the things I really love and hold dear to me. A start in the things that bring me life. You can do 🙂


-Arkansao ✌


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